24h Tremblant 2020

24h Tremblant is an annual winter charity event that take place over the first weekend in December in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, and consists of teams of 6-12 participants relaying each other for 24 consecutive hours in their activity of choice between skiing, walking or running.

In the weeks leading up to the event, participants undertake a fundraising donation drive from which all profits go towards helping various children’s causes. In 2019, participants succeeded in raising over $4.8 million for the charitable beneficiaries!

This is the first year that CHEO will be a direct beneficiary of 24h Tremblant, and the 2020 event is set to take place from December 4-6. The proceeds we receive from the 2020 event will help fund cancer care and research at CHEO and the CHEO Research Institute.

You are invited to take part in this year’s 20th anniversary celebrations of the event. With the second wave of COVID-19 upon us, the event organizers have chosen to approach things differently this year, by expanding the experience to include a virtual fundraising and remote activity challenge, so participation has never been more accessible or customizable for each team.

This year, do the 24h your way by participating in one of the following three ways:

1) Donation Drive Challenge

Participating in the Donation Drive Challenge is a way to raise funds for the cause without doing the onsite or remote physical challenge. Participants may contribute by choosing one of these two simple and FREE options:

  • By doing an individual donation drive as a supporter and the donations raised will be added to the thermometer of your choice of participant, team or directly to the event’s total.
  • By creating a fundraising team where all the team members are united by the common goal of raising money for the children’s charities.

2) Remote Activity Challenge

The 24h Tremblant Remote Activity Challenge is your personal team challenge, done remotely – from anywhere! Based on the classic 24h Tremblant challenge, teams of 2 to 12 participants relay each other at their own pace, in the activity of their choice, during the weekend of December 4 to 6, 2020. Put your imagination to work!

No rules, no limits… just 24 hours of your time, non-stop or in segments; alone or in a relay effort with others; outdoor sports, indoor games, or crafting something in your living room… anything and everything goes! Walk or run on a 5-km loop around your office building or neighborhood, trek through Gatineau Park on snowshoes or ski skins, ride your local trails on a fatbike, or cycle on a stationary bike in front of the TV. All you need to do is get moving!

The 24h Tremblant committee will give all participants access to a performance tracking system for their Remote Activity Challenge.

3) On-Site Relay Challenge

24h Tremblant’s aim is to deliver the safest possible experience to participants by keeping them informed of mandatory health measures to observe on the site. At this time, large gatherings at the venue, including the Friday night party, the participants’ breakfast and the outdoor show on Saturday night, are on standby. So far, 24h Tremblant is still planning to hold a scaled-back version of the live event in Mont Tremblant. The organizers have been following the health situation closely and are ready to deal with changes as they arise. If public health authorities were to prohibit the event, the organizers will contact all participants to suggest the above-mentioned alternative options (i.e. participating in the Donation Drive Challenge or the Remote Activity Challenge). Should an in-person challenge take place throughout the weekend of December 4-6, 2020, all COVID-19 safety measures will be enforced, and you can keep updated on the latest protocols by clicking here: https://www.24htremblant.com/en/covid 

This is an excellent opportunity to end the year by engaging your colleagues, friends, families, and neighbors in a memorable, and extremely impactful team building experience. Each participant will be filled with pride and hope, knowing the impact that their involvement will have on the kids at CHEO, not only during a pandemic, but also during the toughest time in their families lives as they navigate their devastating cancer diagnosis, and need life-saving treatment and care.